Becca (painstakingly) wrote in hells_icon,

This community is Friends Only. If you were already a friend of hells_icons do not worry about the rules... you know them well ^_^. Join the community, then please read the rules before commenting to join the community. When I get around to it (most likely within the next 24 hours), I will respond to your comment and then add you to the community.

Don't forget to JOIN THE COMMUNITY when you leave your comment to be added, thanks!

If you forget to COMMENT here on this post, but you JOIN the COMMUNITY, your request to join will not be accepted.

Requests are allowed for those who have been accepted to the community. Thank you very much!

I've got some ( previews of icons ) up for those who want to see some before they join.
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O-c-e-a-n-s with beautiful sand! I love your icons.. add me please? x)
welcome to Hell!
Oceans are so much fun to be in!!
Welcome to Hell!
could you add me please? thanks!
ooh ooh wait forgot something OCEANS!!!!!!!! =D so there, I said it.
lol, welcome to Hell!
I feel oceans of love for your icons.
Welcome to Hell!
o.O I wonder... does Hell even have oceans?

:3 lovely icons, by the way ♥
Well, when the graphic-designerist (formerly known as "oceanofhell") says there are, there are!

Thank you muchly and welcome to Hell!
I'd love to join this comm! I'm going to do so now! ^.~*
Ack! OCEANS! OCEANS! *exhales* There, all better now. ^_^*
haha, lol. Welcome to hell!
Oceans. I love your pics! *^,~< Hugs!
Thank you! Welcome to hell.

Re: Hi!!


11 years ago

Re: Hi!!


11 years ago

somthing about the oceans of the world?

heya im thewordlesspoet, and i'd like to be a member... if you'd like to know something else, just lemme know^^.
welcome to hell, dahling!
Changed journals and still like your icons. Oceans.
lovely! Welcome back to hell!
If hell had oceans, would they evaporate? :O

Your icons look very pretty - may I please be added to the community? :D
cool! Welcome to Hell!
I'd like to join??? plz
Ocean breezes are always the best!

Hee! I saw some of your icons in another community and thought they were lovley! May I be apart of the community? ^.^
Oceans :D?
hi! this is nyzdreamzz, I am already a member but I had to change journals, please add me!
i'd like to be added...if for no other reason than to able to see your art...
Requesting to join. Of course I cannot make such PWNAGE icons, but I can save some to my comp and credit this community lol...
I have crossed oceans searching for nice icons like these!

:D Would love to be added.
I hope you don't mind my submitting a request to join your community.

Also, on a purely random note, oceans are said to be the origin of all life on earth.
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