Becca (painstakingly) wrote in hells_icon,

This community is Friends Only. If you were already a friend of hells_icons do not worry about the rules... you know them well ^_^. Join the community, then please read the rules before commenting to join the community. When I get around to it (most likely within the next 24 hours), I will respond to your comment and then add you to the community.

Don't forget to JOIN THE COMMUNITY when you leave your comment to be added, thanks!

If you forget to COMMENT here on this post, but you JOIN the COMMUNITY, your request to join will not be accepted.

Requests are allowed for those who have been accepted to the community. Thank you very much!

I've got some ( previews of icons ) up for those who want to see some before they join.
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I would love to join the community ;)
Welcome to hell, don't feed the children: they bite
add me please. :/
go here to join and I'll add you to the comm as soon as I get the notification.

Welcome to hell!
I would like to join ^^
Welcome to hell! Hope you enjoy your stay
Okay, I've just joined the community. Can I be added? Pretty pleaseeeee. I promise to forever comment/credit and yoink your beautiful icons. =D
would love to join if thats ok? your icons are turly amazing and i have seen your work around.
gotcha! Welcome to teh Hell

Deleted comment

Sure! You probably did try before, but I only add people that have commented. Sorry about that. Join here and I'll add you as soon as I get the notification.

Welcome to hell!
I love your icons :)

Welcome to teh hell!
If it's alright, I would like to be added to your Friends List. My reason is so I can look at the icons you've made, since they're doubtless quite wonderful. And, no, I won't steal any. I collect icons, yes, but if I ever use them (hard to do, since I already have three perfectly good ones that I have no intention of replacing anytime soon) I make certain-sure to give due credit since I wouldn't want anyone stealing my work either. Erm, my work being poetry and whatnot. I'm not good with icon-making.... Thank you for your time.
go here to join and I'll add you as soon as I get the notification.

I'm glad that you're a wonderful credit-er. Welcome to hell and please, enjoy your stay. XD
Add me please? ^^
Welcome to hell!
I love oceans! ^^

Add me please? :)
Welcome to Hell, enjoy your stay! Fans are not complimentary, supply them yourself.
*sweatdrop* I always forget those little rules.

I do love your icons by the way, totally awesome.
Welcome to hell! I hope you enjoy your stay!
i love icons and i am very good at crediting. :) as someone who *used* to make icons, i know how terrible it is for people not to give proper credit. (my comp with photoshop bit the dust recently...sigh).

anyway, just a favorite pearl jam song off the ten cd is called oceans. ;)
I'm glad you like oceans XD! Welcome to Hell, don't step on anyone's tail!
I see your icons around a lot and from what I've seen, they're gorgeous. I always credit. Add me please?
Thank you very much!

Welcome to hell!
If you don't mind I'd like to join as well.
Sure! Welcome to hell!

You need to provide your own air conditioning...


12 years ago

....Hi. You have FF8 icons, and I would love to be able to see them. Please let me join? ^^;;
....Go me, I just read the rules. ::dies::


Re: Oceans?


12 years ago

Please add me? I'm a good girl and like to credit.

...though I'm kind of sad there are no oceans around where I live.
*grins* Welcome to hell!
Found you through random browsing and would love to see other work that you've done if you'll add me. :3
Welcome to hell!

Deleted comment

Welcome to hell! Enjoy your stay

Deleted comment


11 years ago

Deleted comment


11 years ago

I would love to join!

I love the Ocean

Welcome to hell! We supply the fans, but not the batteries. MWAHAHAHA!
Oceans are prettyful. I'd like to join if that's alright! Your icons are amazing.
Thank you! Welcome to Hell, water not provided!
I'd love it if you let me join, your icons {especially your terra one. @_@;;) are gorgeous. :)
muchas gracias, thank you! flattery will get you everywhere XD

Welcome to Hell!
Oceans are Pretty, like your icons!
Welcome to hell! Enjoy your stay.
>.> I sometimes hate the cold ocean water...


Anyway, I love the sample icons you have, mind if I join :o?
Well thank you, join away!

Welcome to hell!
I's like to join :) Nice icons!
Thank you! Welcome to hell!
Hey, I'd like to join. I'm looking for a community with good Eminem icons, they're hard to find. Oh, and ocean.
Well, I've only got a couple, but you can request some if you like.

Welcome to hell!
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